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About Me

My name is Chantel and I am the author/creator of Lattes and Life Lessons.

I'm passionate about helping you feel comfortable, relaxed, and secure with who you are as a stepmother and help you embrace your "flaws" - whatever those may be. I am sharing my experiences in hopes that it will help and/or inspire you. 

My favorite colors are blue, purple, red, and black. I have one dog, one cat, one fish, and one snake. I have an amazing stepson whom I love with all my heart; I have been in my common-law relationship for four years (April 21, 2014<3); I write, hike, read every chance I get, collect children's books, and I'm Canadian, born and raised in a small-town within beautiful British Columbia where I still reside. Learn more here.

About This Site

I started this blog as a way to vent and more importantly, to empower and support fellow stepmamas,voice my children's rights and shared-parenting advocacy, and to motivate those who are going through their own battles.  To learn more click here.

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