Hey there! My name is Chantel and I am a twenty-four year-young coffee-obsessed reader, hiker, and writer.

I am a blogger and freelance writer who loves daydreaming up stories that I someday hope to share. I have a passion for self-improvement/development and I love to empower and inspire others. I also have this obsession with children's books - I love books in general, but there's something about children's books that just make me happy, ya know?

I’ve lived with anxiety and insomnia for as long as I can remember, and I’ve lived with depression since
I was sixteen. I am doing my best not to allow it all to control my life, and I believe I have been doing
an amazing job doing just that. Writing and reading have helped me a lot throughout the years, which
has a lot to do with why I created this blog, and why I read so much; not only are they a great coping
mechanism, they're also a great escape from the stress.
I want to encourage others to not only work together but to know
that it’s okay to stand up for ourselves and make our voices
heard. My hope is that Lattes and Life Lessons will become as
important to you as it is to me!

With that being said, I invite you to get in touch with me and explore all that I have to offer; perhaps my blog will ignite your own passions too, if not help you through your troubled times.

This is my journey. Through it, I hope to learn and grow as a writer, a woman, and a stepmother.

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Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is from my personal experiences only and my opinions are solely my own; what works for me may not work for you, and what I think/say/feel, you may not agree with (and that's okay!). Read the full disclosure here.