20 People I Subscribe to on YouTube That Motivate, Inspire, and Empower

by - November 28, 2018

YouTube is an amazing platform to not only find entertainment, but to motivate and empower ones-self.

I think it is important to keep learning, whether you are trying to learn how to perfect a certain recipe, learning how to do calculus, how to fix a washing-machine, or learning how to have a self-care day (i.e how to meditate, what certain skin-care products will be good for you, or do yoga, etc).

Here are twenty people that I personally subscribe to that I find motivating, inspiring, and empowering.

That all fall into the lifestyle and self-care/motivating niche. I highly suggest checking out at least the top ten. Enjoy! :)

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  1. Great list, gonna check them out as I don't know any of them :)